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Best Sex Toy Online Store in Malaysia 

Sex toys can be a super hot and exciting addition to an intimate night of perfect bed rocking, especially for women. If you are single or away from your partner, these come handy in treating yourself to a little fun.

However, according to a survey in Malaysia, almost half men and women are unaware of these little electronic devices that can shake your world to an awesome orgasm. It stimulates your vagina, anal, nipples and other sensitive areas, giving you control to your own pleasure buttons.

Now, if you are wondering where to get hold of one of these, then you are at the right place. There is no shortage of online sex toys in Malaysia. But first, you have to learn about the different sex toys online so that you can choose the right one for you.

Here, we will talk about the 6 best types of adult toys in Malaysia that are most popular. Check them out. It’s time to bite the pillow, ladies and gentlemen!

Vibrating Dildo

There is nothing sexier than pleasuring yourself. Vibrating dildo is a very popular adult toy in Malaysia for its multi sensational experience. This sex toy has a tilted tip and embedded with thread to tighten your vagina lining when it penetrates you. 

It has four types of oral stimulation accessories to tickle and tease your vagina to orgasm. From soft tongue like flickering to fluttering and tickling your vagina, it can mercilessly tease you until you come.

Besides, with warm heating and waterproof medical-grade silicone material, it is safe and will fit into your purse or dressing drawers easily. You can even charge it on the go with its handy USB charger. So, get hold of this sex toy to enjoy an intense night of self-pleasuring.


Shaped like a stick, vibrators are one of those adult toys in Malaysia that are highly popular among women who do not like to be on display. Easily fitted in the palm of your hands, this joystick can spin your world with various modes of vibration.

Its intense and impulsive touch will be enough to tickle your sexy trinkets and spread orgasm right from your clit to your G-Spot. This toe-curling sensation is waterproof and made of medical-grade silicone with USB port charger available. Now, pleasure is at your own hand, anytime, anywhere.

Panty Vibrators

Feeling a little fifty shades of grey vibe from your partner? Use these sneaky little adult toys called panty vibrators for foreplay to spice up your sex life. The tiny tender wings will perfectly fit your vulva and vibrate you silently while you are out minding your daily business.

The fun part is, it has a 10-metre wireless remote control so if you and your partner are playing your own little secret game in public places, no one has to know. These hot vogue designed sex toys in Malaysia are crafty little things, easily chargeable via USB and made of the finest waterproof silicone. So, let the fun begin!

Couple Toy

Dive into a wild adventure with your partner with exciting couple toys available in sex toy shops in Malaysia. You can find them in a variety of shapes such as a cock ring fitted on your partner’s penis or a strap on dildo for you. 

If you are into BDSM, you can also go for riding crops or finger vibrator for an awesome sex play with your partner. Coming together can be fun. In fact, browsing through sex toys online is hot! So, have a hot night of playful masturbation to enter an exciting phase of your sex life. 

Witty Condom

Often the tight rubbery feeling of the condom can put off your partner during sex. Instead, use Witty Condoms to put your carnal side on display. Its cute little reindeer rear has a score of 28° hardness scale to enhance your experience by 1000 times. . Witty Condoms allow you to dIve in the fun with the simplest of things! The ticklish tiny thorns attached to the supple latex body of the condom will bring your partner to a rocking orgasm and climatic closure


Sometimes inserting your partner’s dry vulva can be like driving through a rocky road. In times like these, a water-soluble acid lubricant is what you need. It not only moisturizes the vulva but makes it more responsive to climax during sex.

Besides, the hydraulic acid and collagen blended in the lubricant can give the vulva a more youthful pinkish look and keeps it sufficiently hydrated. Intimacy does not need to be painful when you have a lubricant with you.

Masturbation Cup 

A masturbator is a man's best choice for experiencing the sensation of penetration without disrupting households or popping bubbles. As a result, choosing the right male masturbator for your solo play needs is a difficult challenge. 

A manual masturbator is more likely to have a feeling similar to penetrative sex, and you may even use them with various attachments to use them hands-free. The masturbator cup is designed to enhance your sensation by powerfully sucking your big penis and providing the most soothing warmth. Furthermore, the toy's surface is super duper soft, making it easy to grab and use. 

Delay Spray 

Delay sprays provide a way for men to last longer during sex. delay a man’s orgasm, allowing sexual activity to continue longer. The sprays achieve their intended effect by slightly and temporarily numbing the nerves in a man’s penis. All you need to do is simply spray a small amount of the product onto your penis and then wait a few minutes before engaging in sexual activity. The delay spray is a great way to delay ejaculation and also guarantee a longer time in bed! 

Penis Extender

You may have heard of the penis extender previously if you are seeking for a natural means of increasing the size of your penis without drugs or costly operation.

Penis extenders, also known as penile traction devices, provide men with a noninvasive approach for enhancing penile length and curve correction. Further benefits include higher erections, better sexual performance and greater trust in the bedroom.

Orgasm Liquid

Enhances every touch of ecstasy. Enhanced sexual sensations, rapid arousal, vaginal dryness alleviation and increased sexual wishes are the major advantages of this product.

It helps you relax and have better sex by increasing your blood flow to the vaginal region for improved circulation. The liquid extends the surrounding blood vessels and makes the clitoris responsive to touch, massage and kiss, thereby increasing its intensity and frequency of orgasm. The orgasm liquid is intended for those special times as a lubricant and sex enhancer. This product is all-natural, pH-balanced and water-based.


A bondage kit is a great method to moisten your feet in BDSM. Bring this kinky game into the box with this elegant BDSM Queen Set!

Both women and men may enjoy foreplay in this set, sex bondage and BDSM actions are extremely important for practically anyone, whether it's all-kink or simply the vanilla-side of things. Especially these when these behaviours are emerging and becoming more prevalent than ever. 

Pheromones Perfume

If you want to gain more attention from men, raise your sexual attractiveness or spice up your present relationship, fragrances of phéromones might give you the edge you need.

You should certainly buy this perfume if you are ready to enhance your sexual attractiveness and drive your partner wild. You're focused on Pheromones with attractive aromatherapy and glass as the major feature of design that reinforces male charm in a new level.


Turn on your pleasure button with affordable adult toy’s price in Malaysia. Put your favourite of all the products mentioned above in your buying cart because it’s time to play!