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Butler Champ

• Comes with 3 Cap design, 4 styles of Clit Stimulation • Amazing Oral Stimulation, Great Oral Sex • 23.5°Tilted Tip, Bringing you The Grand Slam Blended Orgasm! • Warm Penetration at 42°C • Fast Magnetic Charging • Long Working Hours, High Performance • Made of Finest Medical Grade Silicone, Waterproof • Custom Made Storage/Gift Box • Free Lubricant Butler Champ is the adult toy/sex toy that offers you Multi Sensational Sexual Experience! Its 23.5° Tilted Tip is a G-Spot Crusher! Comes with 3 interesting caps, only to bring you 4 Styles Of Oral Stimulation, There’s So Much Fun To Play Around! Explore Your Favourite Now! Exquisitely designed, its body filled with gracefully crafted thread to tighten your vagina wall. Smart heating function, to give you a warm 42°C of warm passionate love. Waterproof, long lasting and safe. Made of the finest medical grade silicone. Reach out to your Blended Orgasm Now!

RM 388.00 RM 169.00

Secret Fun

• Discreet Pleasure That Goes Unnoticed • Tender Wings That Perfectly Fit To Vulva • Reaching Orgasm At Any Time Any Place • Vogue Design & Innovative Technology • 10 Metre Wireless Remote Control • Fast Magnetic Charging • Long Working Hours, High Performance • Made of Finest Medical Grade Silicone, Waterproof • Custom Made Storage/Gift Box • Free Lubricant Secret Fun is a Secret that Hides Under Your Lingerie. An adult toy/sex toy so vogue-ly designed, enable you to experience Sexual Joy in public, in workplace, while you walk on street, ANYWHERE Discreetly,without penetration. Its tender wings perfectly fit to vulva, small but come with 12 vibration frequencies pace from “Flicker” To “Strong Wave”  . Low DB, softer than your mobile phone's. It is also waterproof, Doesn't matter no matter how wet you get, Let The Joy Flow Within~~ With its chic design remote control of 10 Metres radius,  the CLOUD NINE FUN is all in your hand. Or... you could buy and use it on your Girl Friend, remote vibrate her, Turn Her On Remotely, make her Submit to Your Wish :) 

RM 249.00 RM 119.00

Stroking Hedgehog

• Adorably Cool Design, Enhance The Excitement x 1000% • SHORE 28° Hardness Scale, Deliciously Supple & Thrilling • Immediate 15MM Extension • Prolonged Performance • Made of Medical Grade Silicone, Safe & Comfort • Unleash The Macho Beast In You And Make Her Scream! Stroking Hedgehog is a Witty Extension Condom that greatly enhances you and your partner sexual pleasure. It is our exclusive innovation that swears to uplift your excitement in bed x 1000% ! Its adorably looking Reindeer Head has a score of SHORE 28° hardness scale, filled with the finest medical grade silicone which gives the user an IMMEDIATE 15MM EXTENSION! While its body is deliciously supple, made of natural latex yet enables you to continue thrilling your partner through the lining wall with tiny thorns all around its body, which of equal SHORE 28° hardness scale.  Trendy, Thrilling, PROLONGED PERFORMANCE, IMMEDIATE 15MM EXTENSION. UNLEASH THE MACHO BEAST IN YOU AND MAKE HER SCREAM! 

RM 19.90 RM 9.90

Sex toys can be a super hot and exciting addition to an intimate night of perfect bed rocking, especially for women. If you are single or away from your partner, these come handy in treating yourself to a little fun.

However, according to a survey in Malaysia, almost half of the women are unaware of these l ...

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