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8 Best Healthy Snacks in Malaysia

What are healthy snacks?

Healthy snack is anything which is full of nutritions that boosts your energy. They are full of fibre, protein and healthy carbs that fill you up without any bad side effects.

Let us draw a simple distinction between healthy and unhealthy snacks. When you eat or drink something full of empty calories - that is an unhealthy snack. You will find them in the grocery store, restaurant and even in your roadside stalls. A plain cream donut to local’s favourites like Syrup bandung, they are all full of empty calories.

So, you must avoid them if you like to live a long healthy life, the key word being ‘healthy’.


How do healthy snacks benefit you?

Healthy snacks can be life saving to curb your munching habits. We all have those lazy moments when we don’t feel like preparing a wholesome meal. So, we resort to chips, cookies and those munchy bites that only fills us up temporarily and if possible, makes us more hungry afterwards.

On the other hand, healthy snacks can keep you full for a long time. You can be on diet or carb limitation and still enjoy these delicious snacks without compromising or harming your body.

But often when you go to find these healthy snacks, you find them expensive or unreachable, right? So, here we list out the top healthy snacks in Malaysia that are both accessible and affordable to be your healthy snack companion at all times.


Mixed Nuts


Mixed nuts are a powerhouse of energy full of nutritions like amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, calcium, zinc, dietary fibre and much more. A handful of mixed nuts can instantly make you full. The soft crunchy delicious bite of the roasted nuts with a twinge of salty and sweet mix is absolutely heaven. 

Besides, this wholesome snack can replace your dresser full of supplements as they will naturally enrich your body with its premium quality of ingredients. Served in airtight cans, get the best nuts right at your doorstep at an affordable price.

Price: RM 20

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Cashew Nuts


Cashew nuts have the most delicious creamy taste. When you are super hungry, 10-12 cashew nuts are enough to quieten the monster inside. Thankfully, cashew nuts are also a healthy snack, so you can have them without compromising your fitness regime. 

The warm fire roasted cashew nuts give a salivating aroma along with a crisp crunchy bite that can awaken every of your taste buds, making you forget you ever craved a bite of any mundanely sugary snack. They are also full of nutritions and a complete energy booster so that you can say goodbye to your nighttime pills or any other chemical supplements.

Now, get them in an air sealed package at an affordable price with the fastest delivery option.

Price: RM 20

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With the new year fast approaching, you may be rushing to your fitness resolution or renewing your keto vows to lose those extra pounds. But if you are a bit of a sweet tooth then it will be a terrifyingly challenging task. But honey glazed walnuts can do the trick!

They are tasty, crunchy and also sweet in a healthy way to make space in your diet. The natural supply of vitamins and nutritions in the walnuts will also help you to have power packed gym sessions. These energy boosters make nice starters for your friends and family as well. 

They are supplied in airtight cans which can be retained for six months before they are expired. So, get these delicious walnuts right at your doorstep at a reasonable rate today.

Price: RM 20

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If you are not much of a nut fan then cranberry can also be an excellent choice of healthy snacks. Roasted in similar ways as the others above, these crunchy aromatic cranberries can chase away your sugar blues and also add natural nutritions to your body.

Not to mention, this product also comes in an air sealed package and has six month’s time from the date of purchase before it expires. With an affordable rate and energy boosting quality, get this delicious snack at an affordable rate with super fast delivery service.

Price: RM 20

Where to buy: Bliss Box World


Honestly Chunky Peanut Butter


Peanut butter is super healthy but only if you can buy the organic one. So, here we found you a100% natural peanut butter with chunky peanut bits. It is full of good fat and protein without any emulsifiers or artificial ingredients.

You can enjoy a hearty snack with this peanut butter paired with carrots or wholewheat bread. It will help you to recover from your workout session and inflammatory disease without adding any oil, salt or sugar in your diet. Grab a bottle today at a reasonable price to get your daily healthy snack right at your reach.

Price: RM 19.90

Where to buy: Amazing Graze


Apple Cinnamon Goodness Bowl


Apple and cinnamon are an excellent combination to elevate your metabolism and fill up your sugar craving. Inspired by a warm slice of apple pie, this bowl is exclusively made by Amazing Graze with dried frozen apples, raisins, pecans, cinnamon and oats. 

All these ingredients add protein, Vitamin C and good carbs to your diet as well as fill you up with a mix of sweet, salty and crunchy bites. The Goodness Bowl can be enjoyed at an affordable price even if you are a vegan or lactose intolerant, making it a nice healthy snack for anybody.

Price: RM16.90

Where to buy: Amazing Graze


Tropical Fruit Muesli


Healthy snacks can also be a good substitute of a healthy breakfast. If you like the crunchy gourmet muesli with bites of thai mango, nuts, seed and other dried fruits, then this tropical healthy snack will be perfect for you.

Full of good fat, fibre and complex carbs, Tropical Fruit Muesli is chewy deliciousness with a mixture of sweet and sour. It is also trans fat free and cholesterol free, making this halal certified snack the closest possible natural item without including any processed food to your diet.

Price: RM14

Where to buy: Signature Market


Dark Chocopillow Multigrain Muesli


While many of us can show outstanding resilience in most of our daily activities, some of us often fail when it comes to chocolate! So, we have this healthy snack for our chocolate loving audience.

The toasted oats, handful of creamy and crunchy cashews, almonds and dried fruits are heaven on your taste buds. On top of it, it is layered with multi grain pillows of chocolate and a generous helping of delicious dark chocolate sauce, quenching your thirst for all things chocolate. Get it at an affordable price to choose a guilt free healthy snack for a better lifestyle.

Price: RM18.90

Where to buy: Signature Market


Final Words

In this list of healthy snacks, there is something for everyone. While the most nutritious and delicious choice would be the All-Natural nuts, you can choose the other options to satisfy your sweet, soury, creamy and chocolaty cravings. Choose well and live a better lifestyle because remember, in this pandemic - your best bet is to keep up your immunity with healthy snacks and wholesome meals. Check out other products via our best online shopping website in Malaysia now!