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Celebrate your bonds!

Words may often fall short to make others understand how much you mean to them. Gifts on the other hand let them know that you care. So, celebrate your bond with your loved ones by giving them a gift that can bring a smile to their face. It can be anyone from your next-door neighbour to your best friend, your spouse and your business partners.

 However, coming by the right gift is never easy! Especially when an obligatory occasion is fast arriving, you draw a blank on what to present them, right? Well, not to worry. We at Bliss Box World have some pretty special gifts for every occasion so that you can get it right without breaking a sweat. Besides, our delivery service is available throughout Malaysia. So, even if you are short on time, our instant delivery can save the day by having your gift right at their doorstep just on time.

Now, what are those special occasions that you can celebrate with gifts?

Festive Celebrations Gift Set

Have you noticed that the festive seasons are just around the corner? It has been a pretty tough year for everybody with the terror of pandemic and the collapsing economy. But Deepavali is fast approaching. And soon, there will be Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year in just a few months.

We know that celebrating these occasions is the last thing on your mind when you are struggling to stay safe in this unprecedented time. But festive seasons are times when you can wash away all your worries and turn a new chapter of hope and joy. 

So, Bliss Box World has two very special gifts for you. Mo Indulgence Moon Cake and Molten Lava Moon Cake. They are affordable and lusciously delicious to win everyone’s heart. Besides, you can rely on our gift delivery service to reach everyone on time.

Bliss Box World has the best surprise gifts in Malaysia that can reach your loved ones anywhere across the country to let them know that you are there for them. This small gesture of love combined with the sweetness of the Mooncakes will make them feel less alone during this lockdown and help them celebrate the festivities with a higher spirit.

Birthday Gifts Delivery in Malaysia

Is your daughter turning sweet 16 this year? Or your friend stepping into her 30s? Well, that ought to be celebrated with a special gift! Imagine how their eyes will light up when the doorbell rings and they get a wrapped box of present with your name on it? They will know that you remember their special day and that you care enough to send a gift!

Of course, you may have a busy schedule and you may not have time to go gift shopping for their birthdays. So, we at Bliss Box World can help you with the birthday gift delivery because we don’t want you to miss out on the joy of your loved ones. Just click a few buttons and we will deliver the gift of your choice at the most affordable rate saving you both time and money.

Our flower delivery and gift shop delivery are at your service to let you buy as many birthday gifts as you want. Now, you can make everyone feel special be it your family, friends, neighbours or anyone close to your heart. 

Mother’s Day Gift Delivery

Mom! It is not a name. It is a feeling, a connection that cannot be matched with anyone else in the world. But, when you grow up, you often move away from home and cannot spend much time with her. You miss her and love her but she may be miles away from you. 
So, pick a special gift and send it through our gift shop delivery to surprise her on Mother’s Day. She misses you every day and when she sees your gift on this special day, she will know that you miss her too. Show your gratitude and love towards her. It may take just a few minutes for you to send the gift but it will mean the world to her when she receives it.

Father’s Day Gift 

Father, our first hero and someone we look up to as we grow up and yet you may grow apart as you get older and become busy with your life and career. But your old man is still there cheering your every win! So, let him know that you care for him on Father’s Day. 
Bliss Box World’s surprise gift delivery can reach him anywhere in Malaysia to send your gift to him. Just tap a few buttons and buy him the gift of your choice right here in Bliss Box World. Our instant delivery and quality service will take care of the rest because we value your sentiment and love.

Valentine’s Gift For Him/Her in Malaysia 

Oh! Valentine’s Day is an occasion that you cannot miss in any condition if you don’t want to feel your spouse’s disappointment. This is that one single day in the entire year when you get to go all out in making your partner feel special. You get to create a romantic evening, reminisce about the sweet time and celebrate the love you share with your better half.

And do you know what? Bliss Box World is a sucker for romance and hence we play the cupid to bring you the best surprise gifts in Malaysia to impress your spouse. Have you ever promised your wife that you can go to the Moon for her? Well, we all have those mushy talks when we are in love. But, Bliss Box World went the extra mile to bring you My Moon bed light, a moon-shaped lamp that will really feel like you are giving her the moon.

With 16-different colours that change on touch, this is the best gift for your partner. You will literally be handing her the moon and then both of you can enjoy the starry night in the halo of your very own moonlight as you spend some quiet time together. But if the moon is not enough, you can even give her the Universe! Bliss Box World has My Universe bedroom lamp to let you gaze upon the vast starry sky with your partner to cherish this special day.

Okay, there goes the romantic gifts but if you are the playful kind and your idea of Valentine’s Day involves hot sexy nights, Bliss Box World does not disappoint. We have some sexy toys like Secret Fun and Stick for Two to let you create an unforgettable night of carnal moans and blissful sex on Valentine’s Day. 

On second thought, why wait for Valentine’s day to celebrate your love, right? Browse our catalogue for fun adult toys and surprise your partner with our gift delivery. They will never expect what’s inside when they open the box. Her delight when she opens the gift will itself be a moment to behold.

Premium Corporate Gifts in Malaysia

As much as personal relationships are important, business relationships are equally important to scale up your business and strengthen your business networks. And nothing works better in creating a loyal bond with your business partners or customers than a nicely wrapped gift. 

So, Bliss Box World offers flower delivery and gift delivery anywhere in Malaysia so that you can be on top of their mind. If you have a new product launch or you want to run a marketing campaign to promote your products and service, use Bliss Box World’s fast and professional gift shop delivery to reach out to your clients and partners. This small gesture of love and care will make them like you and trust you to help you build a special bond with them.

On a Parting Note….

Gifts are special! It reflects your love and gratitude for your loved ones. It shows that you are thoughtful and you value your relationship with them. So, use the power of gifts to build a beautiful relationship with your business partners and customers. Remind your family and friends that you love them. 

Bliss Box World can be your partner to help you choose the right gift so that you don’t have to spend much time on gift shopping. It will save you time as well as your money as our gift delivery service is very affordable. Besides, we take a very short time to deliver anywhere across the nation so if you are a last-minute person, you can still send gifts through us to avoid disappointing your loved ones.

Let us be your wingman for your future gift shopping spree. Agree?