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What are bedside lamps?

If you have a nightstand by your bed, then you would definitely be needing a lamp. Usually bedside lamps in Malaysia are used to provide light for reading and ambiance. With that said, you would want to be having amps that are at an appropriate height for your reading while you are sitting up against your bed rest. 

Why should you have a bedside lamp in Malaysia?

1. Convenient to turn on.

Bedside lamps are quite convenient and easy to use because they are usually attached to a cable and they come with a switch. When you have a big bed or even twin beds, the main light switch may be obstructed by a bigger bed, which is why table lamps come in handy. What’s more is, bedside lamps are super convenient for elder people because the switch can easily be placed near to their bed and easy for them to reach. 

2. Illuminates a certain area.

Based on the shape and the design of the table lamp, the light would be shining on one particular area in the room and also towards the ceiling. Also, a bedside lamp makes it an ideal tool when it comes to reading. When placed on the edge of a nightstand, it will illuminate the book in your hands. It is also perfect for those of you who want to read a little before sleeping or check documents without disturbing anyone. 

3. Does not disturb the person next to you.

The main advantage of using a table lamp is that they have a soft light that is only directed to a certain area of your bed which makes it less invasive to the person sleeping on the same bed as you are. The light you turn on on your side would not bother the other person.

4. You could keep it on all night.

For those of you who are afraid of the dark, and who can’t sleep with the lights on, you could opt for a bedside lamp. This is because the lights are dim, yet visible and are not irritating to the eyes. 

What are the different kinds of bedside lamps that are available in Malaysia?

1. Buffet lamps

Buffet lamps are usually much taller and slander. Normally, they are taller than 32 inches in height and they take up little space on your nightstand table. The best part about this lame is that it only illuminates a small part in your bedroom and not the other areas, which gives you concentrated lighting as well as it does not disturb the person next to you. 

2.Arc lamps

As its name implies, arc lamps have a much slender body, as well as an arc-shaped long arm with a shade that extends outwards from the body. These lamps are best suited for the corner of your tables where they can arch over to your side.

3. Swing Arm Lamps

These lamps come in different shapes and sizes that are best suited to be placed on a desk or on your nightstand. One main advantage to these kind of lamps is that their arms come in an adjustable length. 

4. Moon Lamps

Moon lamps are not only the most adorable bedside lamps there are, but they are also extremely relaxing and have been proven to uplift your mood. More than it being an uplifting lamp, it also sets a romantic and sensual mood in your room, which will be difficult to find in most bedside lamps.

What are some of the best bedside lamps in Malaysia?

1. My Moon Bed Lamp  

The “My Moon” light by BlissBoxWorld is one of the most romantic moon bedside lamps there is in the market. It has 16 different light colours in which you can alternate from. Also, to your convenience, it also comes with a remote control that allows you to change the colour as well as the brightness of the light whenever you are. Additionally, even if you do not want to change the colour using your remote control or have lost sight of it, you can even change the colour of the lamp just by touching it. What we really love about this Moon Lamp is that it is placed on a solid wood base which makes your lamp look classy. In addition to that, the lamp comes with a multifunctional portable charging accessibility as you can easily charge it using your laptop or even your powerbank for that matter. To top that off, the lamp is designed using a PLA material which is a very solid material, is wear resistant and also has a fine texture to it. Find out more online gift delivery products here .

Price: RM 137.00

2. My Universe Bedside Lamp 

This 3D starlight bedside lamp also has 16 beautiful colours like the “My Moon” lamp. Having this “My Universe” lamp, gives you the feel of being in the galaxy or watching the northern lights. When you lay on your bed and look up to the ceiling, it looks like the galaxy is literally so close to you. This light too has a remote control that you can use to change its colours to your liking. It gives you the accessibility of changing the colours wherever you are. What’s more is that, even by touching the surface of the lamp, you can change the colour of it. This is exceptionally convenient for those of you who perhaps can’t seem to remember where you’ve misplaced the remote control, and s o on. The sold wooden base that it is placed on provides the lamp with the stability it needs to prevent it from rolling down. What’s more is that you can also charge this lamp using your laptop, charger port or even your powerbank - talk about convenience! Finally, this lamp that is made from PVC has a solid material to it, is wear resistant and also has a fine texture. 

Price: RM 137.00