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It’s finally here - the season we’ve all been waiting for! Christmas is less than a month away and there’s so much to think about in terms of decorations, treats, Christmas dinner, but most importantly, gifts! However, with recent times here in Malaysia, we’re pretty much unsure of whether or not we can gather for our usual open houses, but, what we can do despite all this is to get gifts for our family and friends. Usually, when it comes to gifts, you can sometimes be unsure of what to get your loved ones, but don’t worry - We’ve got you covered! 

1. My Moon 3D Printing Bedside Lamp

Now, this would make a perfect gift to let someone know how dear they are to you, be it a parent, child, a close friend, or even your partner. You could probably attach a card with this gift that says “You’re the light of my life” or “I love you to the moon and back” - cheesy, we know but I also do know you’ll thank us for the note. If the person you’re gifting this to is afraid of that, that’ll make it even better. It had 16 different colors that it can alternate from and you can make the switch in light colors either by using a remote control or by just touching it. The moon bedside lamp also comes in a three-dimensional sphere and it is to be placed on a solid wood base that is also wear-resistant. Additionally, this lamp also comes with a portable charging function which makes it easy to charge using a plug point, your laptop, or even your power bank. The body of the moon is also made of PLA which is a pretty solid material that would last them quite a long time. 

Price: RM 99.00

Where to buy: Bliss Box World


2. My Universe 3D Printing Bedside Lamp

Another thoughtful gift would be the My Universe 3D Printing Bedside Lamp. Like the My Moon Bedside Lamp, you could also gift this to someone to let them know how much they mean to you. Could be a friend, lover, a family member, or anyone. With this lamp, you could attach a card that says “You mean everything to me, you’re my universe” - once again, it’s cheesy we know! This could especially be a really nice gift if the person on the receiving end is one that loves the galaxy and stars. Also, like the My Moon lamp, it also has 16 different light colors that it can alternate form, which they can just switch using a remote control or even just by tapping the lamp. What’s more, is that this lamp comes in a three-dimensional sphere, a solid wood base to place it on, and a portable charging function that allows you to charge the lamp using a plug point, a power bank, or even your laptop. 

Price: RM 99.00

Where to buy: Bliss Box World


3. Merry Nut Gift Set

If hearty fruit cakes could be sent as Christmas gifts, why not nuts? As we all know, nuts are naturally just packed with nutrition and they are super tasty. It is a thoughtful gift to someone dear as they are the ideal healthy snacks and the person at the receiving end would know that you care about their health. What’s more, is that the nuts that are sent in this gift set are roasted using a careful warm fire roasting method which is what makes them crunchy, they are not mass-produced and are of premium quality, which is what gives them a rich taste. They are also super aromatic, delicious, and serve as energy boosters. Among the nuts that are included in this gift set are mixed nuts, cranberries, honey glazed walnuts, and cashew nuts. These nuts serve amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, carbon, calcium, zinc, iron, and dietary fiber - talk about a healthier and more thoughtful gift! 

Price: RM 88.00

Where to buy: Bliss Box World


4. The Ultimate Bed Rocker Condom - All In One Set

Thinking of what to get your man this Christmas? Well, we have something in mind that not only he, but you will love as well! This Ultimate Bed Rocker Condom All In One Set would definitely spread joy to the both of you ;) Included in this set are the Seductive Reindeer, Stroking Hedgehog, Spin & Soft Thorn, Spin & Snowball, Energy Dotted Witty Condom, and the Space Wtitty Condom. All of these condoms differ from the normal ones you purchase from the store as they help enhance both you and your partner’s sexual pleasure. It is made with an exclusive innovation that uplifts your excitement in bed so much more. Plus, all these condoms are made with only the finest grade of medical silicone that is said to give the user up to a 15 MM extension ;)

Price: RM 77.00

Where to buy: Bliss Box World


5. Stick For Two Couple Toy

Spice the holidays up with the Stick For Two sex toy that your partner will truly be grateful to you for ;) It works great whether you are single or a couple using it. The curvy body and the great flexibility it has is the secret to how it works incredibly well. Plus, it is made with only the finest medical grade silicone that not only gives you and your partner an excitement of a lifetime but also helps stimulate multiple spots simultaneously. As the bunner ears of this toy flickers the clitoris, the U-shaped tail it helps then penetrate inside of you. What’s more is that this toy has a wireless remote control that can be controlled at the 10-metre radius. If you’re one who has already used this toy, spread the joy and cheer to your friends as well - good things are meant to be shared now, aren’t they ;)

Price: RM 119.00

Where to buy: Bliss Box World


6. Amourous Lipstick Vibrator

Spoil your lady love with this discrete toy and you’ll be sure that she’ll thank you all night for it ;) The Amourous Lipstic is vibrator that saves you the trouble of getting unwanted attention and judgements from others. This vibrator is a jolly good stick that you can bring around with you and use it anywhere and anytime. With the strong and impulsive vibration it comes with, you can climax your way through your clit and g-spot. When it comes to the safety of this product, there’s no need to get worried as it is made with only the finest medical grade silicone, it is safe and it is also waterproof. Gift this to someone special, and you’ll be sure to thank us for recommending this ;) 

RM 99.00

Where to buy: Bliss Box World

We really hope that this list of Christmas gift ideas would help give you an idea of what to get your loved ones and friends this joyous season. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year everyone!