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Enjoy a silky pink vagina

Bring your inner beauty with the Lubricant Manuo today. This red little bottle of lubricant combines water-soluble acid with collagen to make your inner parts look eternally youthful and healthy. The natural ingredients with a mix of vegetable glycerine from plant extract make it absolutely safe for your body and your intricate parts.

While Collagen firms your sensitive skin, the hyaluronic acid nourishes and hydrates the inner you to give it a pinkish rosy glow. So, next time your partner checks you out, you can not only entice him with your luscious lips but your oh so soft and smooth lower lips as well.

Besides, it takes the pain away from your intercourse. Being comfortable in your skin is very important. That is why the Malaysian customers are raving about the smoother than silk Lubricant Manuo as it makes their private life more enjoyable and pain-free.

It is a secret weapon for women to take care of their vulva. If you ever feel rough down there while your partner enters you, Lubricant Manuo is your best solution. It will rub on your vulva and labia to restore the elasticity of your delicate parts and make your vagina all the more tender and smooth.

Wondering how to carry it around though? Don’t worry! This tiny bottle of lubricant fits perfectly in your purse or travel kit and it also lasts as long as 60 minutes so that you can be better prepared for an intimate night with your partner with a surprisingly awesome climax.

And what’s great is that you don’t have to go out and buy it physically if you are not keen on disclosing your private life. Just with a few clicks on your computer or mobile screen, buy Lubricant Manuo online and no one has to know the secret of your silky and pink vagina.

Never miss another night of ultimate climax with a responsive vulva, thanks to your Lubriant-Munao online, now available in Bliss Box World Malaysia at a very reasonable price.


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