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My Moon 3D Printing Bedside Lamp + Astronauts Deco Set


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My Moon - The Most Romantic Starry Sky For The One You Love Most : " In Long Lonely Nights , I Will Always Be There For You.“

• 16 Colour - Touch To Change Colour or By Remote Control / 触摸16色+拍拍+遥控
• Three - Dimensional Sphere / 3D 球面
• Portable Charging / 便捷式充电
• Solid Wood Base / 实木底座
• Wear Resistant / 材质坚硬


My Moon-Bed Light-01My Moon-Bed Light-02My Moon-Bed Light-03My Moon-Bed Light-04My Moon-Bed Light-05My Moon-Bed Light-01My Moon-Bed Light-07My Moon-Bed Light-08My Moon-Bed Light-09My Moon-Bed Light-10My Moon-Bed Light-11My Moon-Bed Light-12My Moon-Bed Light-13My Moon-Bed Light-14My Moon-Bed Light-15My Moon-Bed Light-16

The “My Moon” 3D printing bedside lamp is one of its kind and has been one of the most trending lamps amongst the younger generation these days. It would make a perfect gift just to let someone know you are thinking of them. What is really unique about this lamp is that it has 16 different colours that it can vary from. What’s really cool about it is also the fact that you can change the colour the lamp projects either by using a remote control or by simply touching the surface of the lamp.

If you think the lamp looks like a clock, only being 2D, you will be glad to know that it is actually in a 3-Dimensional sphere. To add on, what you will truly be grateful for when you purchase this My Moon bedside lamp is the fact that it has portable charging functions. Meaning, you can either charge it using a changing port, a laptop or even a power bank! - Talk about the convenience of it!  The moon lamp is made from PLA material which is not only one of the most solid materials out there, but it is also wear resistant and it also has a fine texture to it. Be it for yourself or for a gift, this bedside lamp will truly look amazing in any room! 


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